Hebei Medical University

About Hebei Medical University

Earlier referred to as Beiyang medical school, Hebei medical university is one of the reputed universities in China. It is one of the oldest public universities situated in the capital of Hebei, China.

The university is widely popular in the country for the quality education it offers to students. Its principle is to serve the native communities and provide assistance to the government and other organizations.

The university has a “student-centred, teacher first” approach which benefits students as well as teachers. The college is known for its infrastructure and the opportunities it provides.

The university not only excels in the provision of education in the medical field but also offers research opportunities in the Hebei Province. It offers diverse research optionswith full assistance.

The university has more than 1500 academic staff and over 11807 students currently enrolled in the university. The university has two campuses comprising 14 colleges and five affiliatedhospitals. Hebei Medical University has 37 doctoral programs and 52 master’s programs.

In recent years the university is working on strengthening its ties internationally/ reinforcing its ties globally. The university enthusiastically partakes in attracting international students to the education it provides.

So far, the university has 446 international students on campus every year and desires to extend this number soon. The university has ties with 27 medical schools and research institutes located in several countries such as Japan, the USA, Belgium, and many more.

History of Hebei Medical University

The university was founded in the year 1894 by governor Li Hongzhand, and it was the first medical university established at that time by the government.

In the year 1912, the university started enrolling undergraduates and in the same year, the name of the university was changed from Beiyang medical school to Zhili Public Medical College.

Later after three years, the location of the college changed from Tianjin to Baoding. Unfortunately, in 1937 the college was forced to shut down for the timings when the second world war took place.

In the new session of 1946, the college resumed and started admitting the students. It was in April 1949 that the college was renamed Hebei Medical college and in the next several years, the college moved from the current location to Shijiazhuang.

After moving, in the year 1995 reunion of Hebei college of traditional Chinese medicine and the junior medical college of Shijiazhuang led to the establishment of Hebei Medical University.

From the past 120 years and after years of development the university has made a name for itself and is renowned around the globe. The university has been through numerous changes and has come out as an extensive knowledge provider.

Like the motto of the university is ‘Benevolence, Erudition, Integrity, and Flexibility’ the university strives to excel in the provision of a medical study.

Colleges and Departments at Hebei Medical University

  • The first hospital of Hebei Medical University Introduction of the judicial authentication centre
  • Institute of Vascular surgery of Hebei Province
  • the Mental Health Research Institute of Hebei Medical University/The Mental Health Research Institute of Hebei/The Mental Health Institute of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University
  • Hebei Province Nutrition Specialty Quality Management and Control Center
  • The Center of Hebei Burn Treatment Engineering and Technology
  • Brain ageing and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of Hebei Province
  • The first school of Clinical Medicine/ the first hospital of HEBMU
  • Hebei integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine liver disease diagnosis and treatment centre.
  • International Education college
  • Hospital and school of Stomatology of Hebei Medical University
  • Hebei Cancer Institute
  • Department of Medical Laboratory Zoology
  • Hebei Medical University Nursing College
  • School of pharmaceuticals Sciences
  • School of Forensic Medicine

Faculty at Hebei Medical University

The experienced faculty of the university offers the best education in the medical field. Through innovation in teaching the faculty transforms students into future health workers.

There are over 15,000 teaching and administrative staff at the university. There are 1,005 teaching professors along with 537 associate professors, 117 doctoral supervisors, and 1414 masters supervisors.

In addition to the academic staff, there are some other professionals and scholars. Additionally, there are 126 experts with special allowances of the state council, 60 provincial, and 112 young and middle-aged experts with their exceptional contributions in the academic field.

Study and research opportunities

The university’s undergraduate program comprises teaching programs, teaching quality projects, and clinical teaching. The university started master’s degree programs in 1981 and doctoral degrees in 1986.

In recent years the expansion in the doctoral degree and graduate courses is evident due to the distinguished faculty and facilities. The university is trying to change its education system by enrolling deserving candidates.

The graduate courses focus on academics, ethics, and skills of the students and guide in elevation their standards up to the mark. The graduate school has won different titles making it one of the leading graduate schools in the Hebei province.

The university offers an exceptional opportunity to work with leading researchers and transform their passion into expertise. The university has one national key discipline, one key nurturing discipline, and 16 key national clinical specialities.

There has been increasing in the number of research projects in the province and half of it is initiated by the university itself. The university has got various laurels in carrying out diverse researches.

What all is needed to get admission to Hebei Medical University

The university has set basic eligibility criteria for international students wishing to study at the university. The university offers fall intake wherein, it expects the applicants with a minimum of 70% in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English. Moreover, the student requires to pass the NEET exam with qualifying marks. However, IELTS or TOEFL is not required by the university and the fees for MBBS in Hebei Medical University is 30,000 RMB annually.

Documents required to apply in Hebei Medical University

Application form (fully filled)
Marksheets of 11th and 12th
Scanned copies of passport
School leaving certificates and certificates of 11th and 12th by the concerned board
*All the documents should be notarized and attested.
The date of the deadline is the 15th of July every year for the MBBS students

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Advantages of studying at Hebei Medical University

Excellent research options

The university not only offers education but is also a centre of medical research in the Hebei province. The research expands the skill set of a student and helps them in acquiring expertise in the medical field.

One year apprenticeship

The course is of 5+1 years that consists of classroom education along with practical knowledge but after the 5 years are over, the year-long apprenticeship will offer experience in surgeries. Undertaking the apprenticeship helps in the continuous learning and progress of a student where he/she can implement the practices they have learned so far and get a real picture of the medical world.

Low budget MBBS

Studying medicine requires a hefty amount of investment and has a lot of competition however, studying MBBS abroad is a viable solution for students who wish to have a cross-cultural experience at economical prices. MBBS in China is the cheapest as compared to other countries and is the best provider of medical education along with internships in the universities affiliated hospitals.

Full study in English

The first thing that comes to mind of education seekers is the language of the course if they are wishing to study abroad. One question that our team frequently comes across is “ is the course in Chinese”? The answer is no, the courses are primarily in English which makes the study easy for the international student to understand.

No donation needed

While searching for universities, the fee structure and other expenses are the key concern. The Hebei Medical university is accredited by the ministry of health and education which proposes direct admission without the requirement of donation

Affordable hostel facilities

The hostel facility is offered by the university that ranges between 160 to 250 USD per month and is quite economical. Apart from being modest, the environment is safe for international students. The campus is equipped with security that assures the safety of its students.

Better career opportunities

Every international student wishing to study abroad demands better career opportunities that they are deprived of in their country, graduating from Hebei medical university helps the students to position themselves strongly in the competitive world.

Hebei Medical University hostel

Living in a hostel is more than just accommodation, it’s more of building community and making it fun and home-like. Hebei Medical University has a comfortable on-campus hostel with great facilities.

The university offers a triple room set wherein the roommates can be chosen by the university or by the international student itself. The hostel has certain rules and regulations for the students.

The Hebei Medical University hostel building is well equipped with a 24-hour water supply. The rooms are fully air-conditioned, with separate bathrooms and laundry rooms. However, the students are required to pay for the electricity, water, and any internet facility they use.

Location and climate

Hebei medical university is located in Shijiazhuang which is about 280 kilometres from the south of being. It is one of the newly industrialized city making it a hub of technology and education. The temperature of the city is not very different from that of India, which makes it quite adaptive to the students. The country has hot humid summers, heavy monsoon rain, and cold and windy winters.

Ranking and Reputation of Hebei Medical University

The university ranks 1321 around the world and the national rank of the university is 152. The university is MCI and WHO approved. According to Wikipedia, the university consistently ranks one of the top two universities in the Hebei province.

According to the academic ranking of world universities, the university is at number 12.

Rank Institution Total scoreQuality of incoming studentEducation outcome(employ-ment rate of bachelor degree recipients)Outstanding alumniIncome from donations in 1000RMB
12Hebei Medical University46.860.192.82%380

How Singla consultancy help you?

  • After checking your eligibility with us at Singla consultancy, an application form for studying medicine is filled and the required documents are attached by us. Application fees are sent along with the application form in advance.
  • After 10-15 working days, the university sends the letter of admission.
  • Later our team assists you with the documentation and the documents are sent to the ministry of education in China for processing and also for the issuance of the JW202 form. 
  • Generally, it takes about 30-45 days to receive the admission letter along with a visa from the Chinese ministry.

Our team consists of professionals that assist students with any kind of query regarding their permit, stay or travel. Constant efforts from our team are provided at every step of fulfilling your study abroad dream.