China Medical University Mbbs Study Abroad

About China Medical University

China Medical University Mbbs Study Abroad: China medical university is one of China’s top-ranked public universities and leading research institutions. Situated in the city of Shenyang Liaoning, China medical university has become a fascinating alternative for students willing to get international exposure.

China Medical University Mbbs Study Abroad

The university was founded in October 1931 showcasing its prominence in medical education to date. The university poses a great influence in the region as well as internationally with remarkable education and research opportunities.

From 1976, China medical university has been successfully admitting and providing opportunities to international students.

After getting authorised by the education ministry CMU has increased international influence and expanded the collaborations within the region.

It has a good exchange, study and cooperative ties with many universities, institutes in Japan, USA, England and many more. CMU offers a variety of different courses from basic medicine to clinical medicine courses in Chinese and English.

CMU has a total of 53 doctoral degree programs, 63 master degrees along 21 bachelor degree programs. The university not only leads in academics but has its own affiliated three general hospitals and one dental hospital in China.

The university has a total of 9157 registered staff along with 15548 full-time students studying in the university out of which 1156 are international students from 69 different countries.

CMU ranks 15th in the country and 748 globally and is recognised by the Ministry of Education and World Health Organisation. Hence, studying in such a prestigious institute is an accomplishment and no wonder why it has created a buzz among international students.

Why Choose China to study MBBS?

The first question that strikes the mind is why choose china? The answer is quite simple as most of the people are aware of its modern health facilities that top the world.

It is one of the best providers of extensive knowledge in the medical field along with best practical experience. Additionally, there are numerous different reports that show previous international students consider China as one of the safest places to study.

Also, China is third among the other popular education destinations for students as the country is day by day investing in the sector to attract international students. Studying in China is cheap as compared to other countries.

China has one of the world’s leading medical universities.MBBS in China is a five-year program that costs around 25-30 lakh Indian rupees approximately, whereas in India doing MBBS from a reputed and government approved college/universities costs 60 lakhs to 1.5 crore.

Getting into college after higher secondary becomes chaotic for students and getting admission to Indian colleges is very difficult. There are so many people killing for fewer college seats and several undergraduates and postgraduates are left with one option that is to go study abroad.

MBBS degrees from China are accepted worldwide and students wishing to prosper can start their careers anywhere around the globe. China funds considerably in education every passing year and has a substantial education budget.

Therefore, it becomes a profitable opportunity for students wishing to study abroad.

History of China Medical University

The legacy of china medical university is running from the past 81 years established by the Chinese communist party. It is one of the old education institutes that are still successfully imparting education to Chinese and other students around the world in the medical field.

It was founded in 1931 by seeking the approval of the central military commission in Ruijin. The opening ceremony of the university took place on February 22, 1932, in YUDU.

In the opening ceremony comrade, Mao Zedong formulated the principles of “firm in political belief, outstanding at technical skills” and the commander in chief Zhu de gave a speech to encourage everyone.

From 1932 to 1941 the school went through name changes and lastly with approval by the central committee of the chinese communist party the school changed its name to China medical university (proposed by comrade Mao Zedong).

In 1948 the university was moved to Shenyang and took over the national Shenyang medical school and Liaoning medical college.

More than 90 thousand medical professionals have studied in the institute till now and the number keeps on growing annually.

Eligibility for MBBS in China Medical University

Back in the days, no eligibility criteria were set, however, with an increasing number of students in 2007-2008 Medical Council of India (MCI) set up some eligibility rules for Indian students wishing to study MBBS.

Earlier to study in China 50% aggregate in physics, chemistry, and biology was basic and required but after 2007 eligibility criteria underwent changes from 50% to 60% by the Chinese medical universities themselves.

This was done as the universities faced some issues with students not being able to cope up with the course curriculum. In 2018, MCI made NEET exams mandatory to get admissions in medical colleges after senior secondary education.

If you have 60% marks in PCB and have also cleared NEET, get your eligibility check from Singla Consultancy and apply for china without wasting further time.

Documents Needed to get admission in CMU

Our consultancy collaborates with the university and together focuses on the provision of quality education to international students.

Our team assists you from the first step to the time you reach China. We work diligently with our primary focus on students and their aspirations.

For students wishing to study MBBS in china medical university, we guide you with the documentation, other requirements along outstanding representation of your file. 

Documents Needed

  • Marksheets of 10th and 12th 
  • NEET marksheet 
  • Recent passport size photos and passport copies

Firstly, before applying for a passport is necessary and our team will help you in describing the required size of the photograph needed.

Secondly, to apply to the university, notarized copies of transcripts are required with English or Chinese translation.

Unlike other countries, an English proficiency certificate is not necessary for all Chinese universities. However, some scholarships can be availed by the students if he/she has done IELTS but is not mandatory.

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China Medical University Hostel

In most of the other countries, the cost of living is quite higher than the students anticipate however, in China, it is much lower.

It is also a secondary factor that affects international students wishing to study abroad. Parents sending their children abroad are worried about safety and security and they want what is best for their children.

The university understands the sentiments and offers the best and safe hostel environment for them. The china medical university provides education with low living expenses so that the student can feel at home even being away from home.

In the china medical university hostel, all the necessities are taken care of. There are beds, chairs, almirahs, wifi facilities and many more things as per the requirement of students.

The university has separate hostels for girls and boys with a safe living environment on campus.

Rooms for international students

Single rooms are available for students with an attached bathroom and shareable kitchen, which are quite spacious.

Landlines, internet and electricity, are available on the premises but students have to pay for the services used. Along with it, there are washing machines that the students can use.

The hostel rooms in china medical university are quite economical with a total of 7500 RMB. 


China Medical University Departments

  • School of Stomatology
  • The second clinical college of china medical university
  • School of public health
  • The school of pharmacy
  • School of nursing
  • School of medical informatics
  • International education school
  • School of humanities and social sciences
  • Graduate school 
  • The first clinical college
  • The school of fundamental sciences
  • The fourth affiliated hospital
  • The education technology centre of china medical university
  • Division of biomedical engineering
  • Distance education school
  • School of Continuing Education
  • China medical university-the queens university of Belfast joint college
  • College of basic medical science (CBMS)

China Medical University Ranking and Reputation

China medical university is one of the leading institutes that teach MBBS in English in China for the native and international students.

It has three different hospitals affiliated with the university where the students can do an internship program.

Its doctoral degrees are listed in the world health organization’s world directory of medical school. The university ranks 55 in Asia, 10 in China and 345 in the world by word report best global university ranking.

According to the Chinese university ranking list and CWTS LEIDEN ranking in 2018 the university is among various other leading institutions.

Advantages of studying MBBS in China Medical University

  • Affordable

Doing an MBBS at economical prices is a dream for every student but at china medical university you can save money. Mbbs in china medical university offers low fees structure as compared to other universities 

  • Safe 

China is one of the safest countries to go to study and the university is 81 years old offering a secure environment to international students.

  • Accessible 

No additional knowledge or skills are required to do MBBS in china medical university. First come first serve basis for accommodation along with full-time support to students from the advisors.

  • Better career opportunity 

Enhance the career growth of the young medical aspirants. Students can work in an international workspace or can move to other countries after obtaining the degree. 

  • Give back to your community

After studying in China, students can pose a valuable asset to their native countries by gaining international experience. The students after studying MBBS from the university develop depth knowledge from the practical knowledge in the medical field.

  • Single room accommodation

The privacy of students is kept primary therefore the university offers a single room set to international students.

Infrastructure of China Medical University

China medical university has 33 schools, faculties and departments. Spanning a total area of 1.11 million square meters, with a floor area of 741300 square meters, the

CMU campus attracts the attention of many students. More than 20 hospitals in the Jiangxi province are affiliated with china medical university.

The campus comprises eight canteens that flexibly offer different cuisines for international students. China medical university has two campuses, the main campus and a new campus.

The university offers bicycles, two-wheelers, and electric scooters to travel around the campus to save the time of students.

Every floor of the China Medical University hostel has separate pantries where students can make their food.

It also has a large library on the campus that was established in 1941, with a total of 1.2 million printed books and journals.